buy gabapentin without prescription Welcome to the Northern Ireland Alpaca Group (NIAG)!

NIAG, a regional group of the British Alpaca Society, brings together a growing number of alpaca owners, breeders and enthusiasts from across Northern Ireland, providing mutual support among members and championing the welfare of alpacas and the education of their owners.


The Northern Ireland Alpaca Group (NIAG), a regional group of the British Alpaca Society, is a small group of alpaca breeders, owners and enthusiasts from right across Northern Ireland.


Established in 2011, the group provides a central focus for the rapidly growing alpaca community here in Northern Ireland.

Click here to download the NIAG Constitution.


About Alpacas

Alpacas originate from the Altiplano (Spanish for high plain) in the west-central South American Andes, spanning the borders of Peru, Chile and Bolivia.


Alpacas are one of the camelid species, closely related to the llama. There are four species of South American camelid – Llamas (Lama glama) and alpacas (Vicugna pacos) are domesticated and vicuna (Vicugna vicugna) and guanaco (Lama guanicoe) remain wild and are protected species. All four are found mainly in Peru in the Andes, with smaller numbers in Chile and Bolivia.


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NIAG Annual Show – Entry Now Open

The NIAG Annual Alpaca Halter Show will be held on Saturday 9 June at Gosford Forest Park, as part of the Armagh County Agricultural Show.   Entry for the show is now open, to both NIAG members and non-members. For more information click here.