NIAG Annual Halter Show 2018

Roger & Elaine Clarke of Amberly Alpacas pictured with judge Jo Bridge and their Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion Huacayas.

After much planning and preparation, members of the Northern Ireland Alpaca Group gathered at Gosford Estate on June 9 for the group’s annual halter show, judged this year by Jo Bridge and with a number of new exhibitors showing for the first time.

Beautiful sunshine and a vibrant show atmosphere made for a truly enjoyable day, with a steady stream of visitors to the arena throughout the day and plenty of opportunities for members to introduce them to the wonderful world of alpacas as the judging continued apace.

Our sincere thanks go to all our generous sponsors; to judge Jo Bridge of Hilly Ridge Alpacas for her insightful and balanced critique of the animals in the ring; to Paul MacDonnell of Hushabye Farm Alpacas for his expertise as ring steward on the day, and to our volunteer scribes Niall Clayton & Lisa Hughes of MountainView Alpacas, as well as all of our alpaca colleagues from across Ireland who visited on the day, and everyone who came to see the animals, ask questions and learn more.  The results are published below and congratulations go to all exhibitors on their success.

Judge Jo Bridge deep in deliberation
Aaron Faulkner of Ballymac Alpaca pictured in the ring with his Champion Black alpaca, Hushabye Farm Cassius Clay
Kathleen Mathers of Ashtonelle Alpacas, with Ashtonelle Bamboozled
Lots of prizes up for grabs
Winners in the Junior Female classes


Class (Huacaya) Name Placing
Junior White Female Amberly Simply Starstruck 1st
Junior Fawn Female Amberly Keep The Faith 1st
Junior Grey/Rose Grey Female Amberly Glass Slipper 1st
Junior Black Female Edenderry Lovestruck Aphrodite 1st
Junior White Male Amberly Fire & Ice 1st
Junior Fawn Male Ballymac Beau 1st
Junior Brown Male Amberly Reckless Behaviour 1st
Intermediate White Female Ashtonelle Bridget the Midget 1st
Intermediate Brown Female Edenderry Liberty Belle 1st
Intermediate Black Female Edenderry Titania’s Dream 2nd
Intermediate White Male Beck Brow Hey Now of Amberly Ashtonelle Bamboozled 1st                                       2nd
Intermediate Black Male Hushabye Cassius Clay 1st
Adult/Senior White Male Popham Spitfire 1st
Adult/Senior Fawn Male Beck Brow Bees Knees of Amberly   Atkins Julius 1st                                       2nd
Multi-Coloured (male/female) Ashtonelle Ceilidh 1st
Amberly New Sensation 1st
Pet/Wether Ashtonelle Buddy Boy 1st
Houghton Black Knight 2nd
Amberly Blackout 3rd
Class (Suri) Name Placing
Junior Light Female Amberly Suri Illusive 1st
Amberly Suri Grace & Mercy 2nd
Intermediate White Male Amberly Suri Invitation Only 1st

Championship Classes

Huacaya Colour Championships Name
Champion White (sponsored by The Coffee Dock) Beck Brow Hey Now of Amberly
Reserve Champion White Ashtonelle Bamboozled
Champion Fawn (sponsored by Joan McCammon) Beck Brow Bees Knees of Amberly
Champion Brown (sponsored by Pure Alpacas) Amberly Reckless Behaviour
Champion Grey (sponsored by Sperrinview Alpacas) Amberly Glass Slipper
Champion Black (sponsored by Alpacas of Cornwall) Hushabye Cassius Clay
Champion Multi (sponsored by KDM Hire Ltd) Amberly New Sensation
Best Pet(sponsored by Ashtonelle Alpacas) Ashtonelle Buddy Boy
Supreme Champion Huacaya (sponsored by Alpaca Association of Ireland) Beck Brow Hey Now of Amberly
Reserve Champion Huacaya (sponsored by Blackberry Alpacas) Beck Brow Bees Knees of Amberly
Supreme Champion Suri (sponsored by CS Alpacas) Amberly Suri Invitation Only
Reserve Champion Suri (sponsored by Iveagh Veterinary Surgery) Amberly Suri Illusive
Overall Judges Choice (sponsored by Craig Haylage) Amberly Suri Invitation Only

NIAG Annual Show – Entry Now Open

The NIAG Annual Alpaca Halter Show will be held on Saturday 9 June at Gosford Forest Park, as part of the Armagh County Agricultural Show.


Entry for the show is now open, to both NIAG members and non-members. For more information click here.

TRAINING – Birthing and Neonatal Cria Care (27 January 2018)

Amberly Alpacas, in association with the NI Alpaca Group, will be hosting a one-day practical course on pregnancy, birth and neonatal care of alpacas. The course will cover the first few months of an alpaca’s life, exploring:

  • The birthing process, what can go wrong and how to deal with it
  • Management of the newborn
  • Understanding colostrum
  • Congenital deformities
  • Bone development and rickets
  • Understanding and tackling parasites
  • Nutrition and growth
  • Implementing a suitable vaccination programme

The training will be delivered by Sarah Caldwell, Calweton Veterinary Group, and is aimed at alpaca owners, breeders and enthusiasts, along with their vets and other animal health care professionals.  


Date                Saturday 27 January 2018

Time                9.30am – 4pm

Venue             Carntall Primary School, Clogher Co Tyrone

Cost                 £50 per person (including lunch)  


Places can be booked online via the link below:  

or by contacting Lee Kane (NIAG Chair) on  

Alpaca Picnic at Stormont


The Northern Ireland Alpaca Group (NIAG) has enjoyed a great day out at their first annual Alpaca Picnic.


Alpacas from herds across Northern Ireland were joined by hundreds of visitors in the stunning surroundings of Stormont Estate last Sunday, 27 August.


Originally from South America, particularly Peru, Chile and Bolivia, alpacas are closely related to the llama. While llamas have been bred to be big and strong, allowing them to carry heavy loads, alpacas are prized for the fine and luxurious fleece.


Alpaca breeders across Northern Ireland produce a range of goods using locally grown alpaca fleece. Some spin the fleece and knit garments, such as jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves. Some use the fleece in the production of felted products. One herd makes a range of luxury bedding products, filled with the fleece.


While they are still very rare here, alpacas have been kept and bred in Northern Ireland for the past couple of decades. It is estimated there are about 200 alpacas living in Northern Ireland today, mostly in small herds of ten or fewer.


The group, which is a regional sub-group of the British Alpaca Society (BAS), provides an opportunity for alpaca breeders, owners and enthusiasts from across Northern Ireland to come together and share their love of all things alpaca.


NIAG Chair, Lee Kane from Causeway Alpacas, Ballycastle, said the day was about showcasing the small, but growing, alpaca community in Northern Ireland.


“It’s great to see the interest our animals receive. Many people do not know that there are alpacas living happily in all parts of Northern Ireland. Many are kept as pets, while other are used to guard sheep and hens.


“Of course, it’s the fleece that makes the alpaca so special. Softer, yet stronger, than cashmere, it’s easy to see why the fleece has been prized by people all over the world for centuries.”


As well as providing a social space for alpaca keepers, the group aims to champion the welfare of alpacas kept in Northern Ireland.


Lee continues:


“We love our animals and go to great lengths to make sure they are happy and healthy at all times. And we are passionate about helping each other to do the same.


“Sadly, we hear too many stories of people buying alpacas from disreputable breeders, without even a basic understanding of how to care for their new animals.


“We strongly advise anyone interested in keeping alpacas to do lots of research and to speak to as many breeders as they can before making the leap and getting their first animals. For more information visit the NIAG website –




Alpaca Picnic at Stormont

Fancy a day out with a difference?


Dust off the picnic basket, pack up some food, drinks and a blanket, and come join the NIAG Members, and their animals, at our first annual ALPACA PICNIC!


When – Sunday 27 August 2017

Time – 2pm – 4pm

Where – Stormont Estate (by the Lord Carson Statue)


There is no charge for entry, but guest are reminded to bring their own refreshments.


There will be lots of alpaca there to meet and have a photo with, and examples of how farms in Northern Ireland are turning the fine, luxurious alpaca fleece into a range of different products.


The event will also give anyone who is interested in keeping alpacas a great opportunity to meet breeders from across Northern Ireland and to learn more about these wonderful animals.


If you have any questions just send us an email –

NIAG Annual Show – Entry Now Open!

The NIAG Annual Alpaca Halter Show will be held on Saturday 10 June at Gosford Forest Park, as part of the Armagh County Agricultural Show.


Entry for the show is now open, to both NIAG members and non-members. For more information click here.


The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Northern Ireland Alpaca Group will be held as follows:


Date – Saturday 29 April

Time – 3pm

Venue – Premier Inn, Lisburn


The Group would like to extend a special invitation to all alpaca owners, breeders and enthusiasts from across Northern Ireland to join us at the AGM.