Show Results 2016

The Northern Ireland Alpaca Group’s annual halter show was held on Saturday 11 June 2016, as part of the Armagh Country Agricultural Show. Twenty alpaca from four herd competed across 15 classes. The results were as follows.


Class Result
A100 – Junior White, Female 1.       North Isle Media, North Isle Alpacas
A101 – Junior, Fawn, Female 1.      Amberly Secret Ceremonials, Amberly Alpacas

2.      Amberly Show Time, Amberly Alpacas

3.      Amberly Legacy Gold, Amberly Alpacas

A102 – Junior, Brown, Female 1.      Ashtonelle Agatha, Ashtonelle Alpacas
A105 – Junior, Multi, Female 1.      Ballinderry Spirit of Olivia, Ballinderry Alpacas
A110 – Junior, White, Male 1.      North Isle Global, North Isle Alpacas

2.      North Isle Joe, North Isle Alpacas

3.      Ashtonelle Atom, Ashtonelle Alpaca

A111 – Junior, Fawn, Male 1.      Amberly Standing Ovation, Amberly Alpacas
A115 – Junior, Multi, Male 1.      Ballinderry Spirit of Bora, Ballinderry Alpacas
A120 – Intermediate, White, Female 1.      Honeyfield Simply Sizzling of Amberly, Amberly Alpacas
A141 – Adult, White, Female 2.      Ballinderry Beautie, Ballinderry Alpacas
A142 – Adult, Brown, Female 2.      Ballinderry Bonnie, Ballinderry Alpacas
A150 – Adult, White, Male 1.      Honeyfield Marcus of Amberly, Amberly Alpacas
A151 – Adult, Fawn, Male 1.      Amberly Vindication, Amberly Alpacas
A154 – Adult, Black, Male 1.      Atkins Kasper of Amberly, Amberly Alpacas
A210 – Junior, White, Male 1.      Atkins Suri Proudlock, Amberly Alpacas
A230 – Intermediate, White, Male 1.      Atkins Lightening of Amberly, Amberly Alpacas


Show Champion 2016 – Honeyfield Simply Sizzling of Amberly, Amberly Alpacas

Reserve Show Champion 2016 – Ashtonelle Agatha, Ashtonelle Alpacas

Home Champion 2016 – North Isle Global, North Isle Alpacas


Show Champion 2016 (Honeyfield Simply Sizzling of Amberly, Amberly Alpacas) and Reserve Show Champion 2016 (Ashtonelle Agatha, Ashtonelle Alpacas) with judge Jay Holland.